Bibliographie (été 2021) : politiques publiques au Japon

Ci-dessous une liste de publications (113 au total) en lien avec différents domaines d’action publique au Japon.

Action publique & gouvernance

Ohno, Tomohiko, Naoko Hirayama, Keito Mineo, et al. « The advocacy coalition framework in Japan: Contributions to policy process studies and the challenges involved », Review of Policy Research. 2021. DOI: [].

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Démographie & politiques familiales

Alexy, Allison. « Children and Law in the Shadows: Legal Ideologies and Personal Strategies in Response to Parental Abductions in Japan », positions: asia critique. 2021, vol.29 no 3. p. 523‑549. DOI: [].

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Démographie (vieillissement de la population)

Kim, Hongsoo, Boyoung Jeon, Lorraine Frisina Doetter, et al. « Same same but different? Comparing institutional performance in the long-term care systems of Japan and South Korea », Social Policy & Administration. 2021. DOI: [].

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Démographie (changements sociaux)

Hashimoto, Kenji. « Transformation of the class structure in contemporary Japan », The Japanese Political Economy. 2021. p. 1‑27. DOI: [].

Kottmann, Nora. « Living (alone) together in metropolitan Japan: shifting boundaries of dwelling, relating, and belonging », Gender, Place & Culture. 2021. p. 1‑21. DOI: [].

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Politiques agricoles

Moon, Wanki et Takumi Sakuyama. « The political economy of agricultural trade liberalization in Northeast Asia: comparisons with the West and between Japan and Korea », The Pacific Review. 2021. p. 1‑31. DOI: [].

Muchetu, Rangarirai Gavin. « “We do not want to survive; we want to thrive.”: Japanese agricultural cooperative’s seven decades of overcoming degeneration », The Japanese Political Economy. 2021. p. 1‑25. DOI: [].

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En japonais :

鈴木宣弘 農業消滅: 農政の失敗がまねく国家存亡の危機』 Tokyo. 平凡社. 2021.


Politiques alimentaires

Schrager, Benjamin. « Risky but Raw: On (Not) Regulating One of the Most High-Risk Dishes in Japan », Gastronomica. 2021, vol.21 no 3. p. 32‑44. DOI: [].

Shimpo, Naomi. « The governance of a community garden with a food cycle in suburban Tokyo », Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems. 2021, vol.6 no 1. p. e20015. DOI: [].


Politiques d’aménagement du territoire

Faier, Lieba. « Planetary Urban Involution in the Tokyo Suburbs », International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 2021, vol.45 no 4. p. 630‑642. DOI: [].

Kaneko, Yuka, Narufumi Kadomatsu, et Brian Z. Tamanaha (dir.). Land Law and Disputes in Asia: In Search of an Alternative for Development. Londres. Routledge. 2021. 330 p. DOI: [].

Reggiani, Marco et Fernando Ortiz-Moya. « The impact of high-speed rail on the trajectories of shrinking cities: the case of the extension of the Shinkansen network in northern Japan », International Planning Studies. 2021. p. 1‑16. DOI: [].

Spina, Roberto et Emiliano Tramontana. « An automated classification system for urban areas matching the ‘city country fingers’ pattern: the cases of Kamakura (Japan) and Acireale (Italy) cities », Journal of Urban Ecology. 2021, vol.7 no 1. DOI: [].

En japonais :

梶原健嗣 近現代日本の河川行政: 政策・法令の展開:1868~2019』 Kyoto. 法律文化社. 2021.

佐幸信介 空間と統治の社会学 住宅・郊外・ステイホーム』 Tokyo. 青弓社. 2021.


Politiques culturelles

Lee, Hye-Kyung, Karin Ling-Fung Chau, et Takao Terui. « The Covid-19 crisis and ‘critical juncture’ in cultural policy: a comparative analysis of cultural policy responses in South Korea, Japan and China », International Journal of Cultural Policy. 2021. p. 1‑21. DOI: [].

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Politiques économiques

Doner, Richard F., Gregory W. Noble, et John Ravenhill. The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia. Oxford, New York. Oxford University Press. 2021. 384 p.

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Takano, Keisuke et Hiroyuki Okamuro. « Local R&D support as a driver of network diversification: A cross-regional comparison in Japan », Science and Public Policy. 2021. DOI: [].


Politiques de l’éducation

Bamkin, Sam. « Practitioner advocates in Japan: bringing in knowledge of practice for policy translation », Journal of Education Policy. 2021. p. 1‑21. DOI: [].

Sasaki, Keiko. « The formation of Japanese women’s adult education after the Second World War: a case study of the learning activities of Chofu City », History of Education. 2021, vol.50 no 4. p. 567‑585. DOI: [].

En japonais :

駒込武 「私物化」される国公立大学』 Tokyo. 岩波書店. 2021.

Politiques énergétiques

Keeley, Alexander R., Kento Komatsubara, et Shunsuke Managi. « The value of invisibility: factors affecting social acceptance of renewable energy », Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy. 2021. p. 1‑20. DOI: [].


Politiques environnementales

Ganseforth, Sonja. « Blue Revitalization or Dispossession? Reform of Common Resource Management in Japanese Small-Scale Fisheries », The Geographical Journal. 2021. DOI: [].

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Okui, Kaori, Yoshihiro Sawada, et Takehito Yoshida. « “Wisdom of the Elders” or “Loss of Experience” as a Mechanism to Explain the Decline in Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A Case Study on Awaji Island, Japan », Human Ecology. 2021, vol.49 no 3. p. 353‑362. DOI: [].

Yamashita, Hiromi (dir.). Coastal Wetlands Restoration: Public Perception and Community Development. Londres. Routledge. 2021. 176 p. DOI: [].

En japonais :

平田仁子 気候変動と政治 気候政策統合の到達点と課題』 Tokyo. 成文堂. 2021.


Politiques de gestion des risques & catastrophes

Conevska, Aleksandra. « International Cooperation and Natural Disasters: Evidence from Trade Agreements », International Studies Quarterly. 2021, vol.65 no 3. p. 606‑619. DOI: [].

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En japonais :

松本恭幸, 佐藤和文, 佐藤博昭 令和のローカルメディア 防災・関係人口拡大に向けた課題』 Tokyo. あけび書房. 2021. URL : 


Politiques migratoires, populations étrangères

Akashi, Junichi. « How a Policy Network Matters for Refugee Protection: A Case Study of Japan’s Refugee Resettlement Programme », Refugee Survey Quarterly. 2021, vol.40 no 3. p. 249‑270. DOI: [].

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Politiques du patrimoine

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En japonais :

上杉和央 軍港都市の一五〇年: 横須賀・呉・佐世保・舞鶴』 Tokyo. 吉川弘文館. 2021.

高村聰史〈軍港都市〉横須賀: 軍隊と共生する街』 Tokyo. 吉川弘文館. 2021.


Politiques de santé

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Politiques sociales

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En japonais :

岩田規久男 「日本型格差社会」からの脱却』 Tokyo. 光文社. 2021.

村上靖彦 ケアとは何か-看護・福祉で大事なこと』 Tokyo. 中央公論新社. 2021. URL : 


Politiques touristiques

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En japonais :

上山肇, 須藤廣, 増淵敏之 (編) ポストマスツーリズムの地域観光政策―新型コロナ危機以降の観光まちづくりの再生へ向けて』 Tokyo. 公人の友社. 2021.

櫻澤誠沖縄観光産業の近現代史』Kyoto. 人文書院. 2021.


Politiques du transport

Morimoto, Akinori. City and Transportation Planning: An Integrated Approach. Londres. Routledge. 2021. 222 p. DOI: [].

En japonais :

加藤一誠, 西藤真一, 幕亮二, 朝日 亮太 (編) 航空・空港政策の展望: アフターコロナを見据えて』 Tokyo. 中央経済グループパブリッシング. 2021. URL : 

切通堅太郎, 西藤真一, 野村実, 野村宗訓 モビリティと地方創生―次世代の交通ネットワーク形成に向けて―』 Kyoto. 晃洋書房. 2021.


Politiques du travail


Jiang, Mingyu. « Do employment promotion policies affect employment or job transfer among older adults? Evidence from Japan », Ageing & Society. 2021. p. 1‑20. DOI: [].

Kalenga, John Ngoy. « Macroeconomic indicators of regular workers in postwar Japan », Labor History. 2021. p. 1‑16. DOI: [].


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